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Lego Club provides unique opportunities for students to engage in creative play during lunch-times. Through Lego, students explore the possibilities of creativity, problem solving and challenge-based engineering activities while having fun! Students can choose to work independently, with a partner or in a group to design and create their Lego inventions.

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Chess Club aims to provide an opportunity for children to learn and utilise chess skills and to develop related skills such as fair play, strategic decision making and focus.  We believe that there are significant benefits that accrue to a child’s broader learning from playing chess including:

  • Improving critical thinking skills and concentration
  • Learning good sportsmanship – the ability to win and lose with grace
  • Developing decision-making and planning skills
  • Making new friends and fun!

Chess Club attaches a lot of importance to how members conduct themselves when playing Chess, which is reflected in our Code of Conduct.  In particular we place a strong emphasis on fair competition, good sportsmanship and doing your best.

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Monday Lunchtime

Learning to solve a Rubiks Cube can be challenging but very rewarding! Every Monday lunchtime students (and staff ????) have lots of fun in our Rubiks Cube/UNO Club. At times we add some interesting ‘House Rules’ in UNO to create some extra fun! Here are some of the benefits of learning to master the Rubiks Cube: a classic toy that has spanned many generations:

  • Enhances your thinking
  • Improves memory
  • Improves patience
  • Improves problem solving skills
  • Keeps your mind active
  • Sharpens reflexes
  • Great conversation starter
  • Improves finger dexterity and agility
  • Great training for mapping out problem solving steps
  • A LOT OF FUN!!!
Rubiks UNO Club


At Stawell West Primary School, we believe that our students will greatly benefit from an exposure to coding and robotics from an early age. Through programming robots, telling stories, developing solutions to real world problems, or creating computer games, our students can develop valuable computational thinking and problem solving skills which they can apply to a range of real world situations.

Students have access to many different programs including Tickle and Scratch to program different robotic devices such as Mbots, Drones, Spheros and Jumping Sumos. As part of the Stawell West Primary program students also experiment with using 3D pens, computer games such as Minecraft and Auduino kits, and 3D printing.


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Address: 80 - 88 Cooper St, Stawell Vic 3380

Email: stawell.west.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Phone: +03 5358 1661

Fax: 03 5358 4330

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