School Activities

Bike Education

Children who ride bicycles are at risk of falls and collisions unless they are taught to ride safely and responsibly. "The Bike Ed Program" was developed by the Road Traffic Authority and provides children with the skills and knowledge to ride safely on the road. The program consists of both theory and practical sessions. On-road riding, an essential part of "Bike Ed" is conducted throughout the program. On-road riding is closely supervised and takes place in small groups.



RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge:

Over the past nine years, our students have been involved in the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge. This program is run in the Year 5/6 area and involves student assistance in the building of their pushcarts. Teams then race them during our Twilight Pushcart Challenge. The rules also state that the students must gain sponsorship and find ways to fund the program. To this end, our students enlist the help of our generous community and work through various areas of the curriculum to achieve their goal. Literacy, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education, Technology, Humanities and the Arts are all covered in this exciting venture.


Mini Market Project:

The Mini Market Project is an initiative started 2006  with the Year 5/6 classes, students come up with a product to sell during the Stawell West Car Boot Sale.  With the main focus being Humanities: Economics, this cross-curricular program also involves Literacy, Mathematics, Technology and The Arts.  Students worked on this project to raise money to assist them in attending the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge.